“Eternal London” The Photographers'Gallery (London),  27th February - 27th April 2014

Giacomo Brunelli (b. Perugia, Italy, 1977) graduated with a degree in International Communications in 2002. His series have been exhibited at The Photographers’Gallery, London (Uk), Galerie Camera Obscura, Paris (France), Delhi PhotoFestival (India), Format Festival, Derby (Uk), Robert Morat Galerie, Hamburg (Germany), Noorderlicht Photofestival (The Netherlands), Athens Photo Festival (Greece), Daegu PhotoBiennal (South Korea), Angkor PhotoFestival (Cambodia), BlueSky Gallery, Portland (Usa), The New Art Gallery Walsall (Uk), Griffin Museum ,Boston (Usa), StreetLevel Glasgow (Uk), Photofusion, London (Uk), Arden & Anstruther Petworth (Uk), Galleria Belvedere Milan (Italy), Fotofestiwal Lodz (Poland) and Boutographies, Montepellier (France).  
The work has won the Sony World Photography Award, the Gran Prix Lodz, Poland and the Magenta Foundation “Flash Forward 2009”. It has also been featured widely in the art and photography press including The Guardian (Uk), Harper’s Magazine (Usa), Eyemazing (Holland), European Photography (Germany), B&W Magazine (Usa), Creative Review (Uk), Foto&Video (Russia), Images Magazine (France) Photographie (Germany), Katalog (Denmark), AdBusters (Canada), FOTO (Sweden) and FOTOGRAFI (Norway).
His work is in the collection of Museum of Fine Arts Houston, The New Art Gallery Walsall, Uk Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts and Portland Art Museum, Usa.
“The Animals” (2008) and “Eternal London (2014) were published by Dewi Lewis Publishing.
In 2012, he was commissioned by The Photographers’Gallery to do the “Eternal London” series.




2014             “Eternal London”, The Photographers'Gallery, London

2013             “The Animals” Delhi PhotoFestival, India

                     “The Animals/Self Portraits”, Plovdiv Festival, Bulgaria
2012             “The Animals” Athens Photo Festival, Greece

                     “The Animals” Tarquinia Galerie, Trouville sur Mer, France

2011             “The Animals” Transphotographiques, Lille, France

2010             “The Animals” The Photographers’Gallery, London, Uk

                      “The Animals” Angkor Photo Festival, Cambodia

                      “The Animals” Estivales Photographiques du Trégor, Lannion, France

                      “The Animals” Photofusion, London, Uk  

2009              “The Animals” BlueSky Gallery, Portland, Oregon, Usa 
                      “The Animals” StreetLevel, Glasgow, Scotland, Uk                

                      “The Animals” Boutographies Fotofestival, Montpellier, France                 
                      “The Animals” Wrexham Arts Center, Wrexham, Wales, Uk   

2008              “The Animals” The New Art Gallery Walsall, Uk

                      “The Animals” Galleria Belvedere, Milan, Italy

                      “The Animals” SiFest, Savignano sul Rubicone, Italy

                      “The Animals” Fotofestiwal, Lodz, Poland

2007              “The Animals” Arden&Anstruther, Petworth, Uk



2011           “Les Fables” Galerie Camera Obscura, Paris, France

                   “Metropolis” Noorderlicht Photofestival, Groningen, The Netherlands

                   “Right Here, Right Now” Format Festival, Derby, Uk

2010           “Schwarzweiss”, Robert Morat Galerie, Hamburg, Germany 

                    The Photographers’Gallery, London, Uk

                    “Hidden Sense”, Daegu PhotoBiennale, South Korea

                    “Make Room”, The New Art Gallery Walsall, Uk

                    “Dog Days”, Corden Potts Gallery, San Francisco, Usa
                    “Thrown at the Wall”, PhotoIreland, Dublin Ireland

                     “Everyday Extraordinary”, Coutts & Co, 440 Strand, London, Uk

                     Magenta “Flash Forward 2009”, Griffin Museum Photography, Boston, Usa

                     PhotoVoice 2009 Auction, Thomson Reuters, Canary Wharf, London, Uk
2009             Magenta “Flash Forward 2009”, Lennox Contemporary, Toronto, Canada

                     Kaunas Photofestival, Latvia 

                     Gallery.Photographer.ru. Moscow, Russia  (Sony Awards)

                     The Affluenza Exhibition, London, Uk

2008             Scope Basel, Switzerland

                     The PowerHouse Arena, New York, USA (Sony Awards)

                     Bozar Centre of Fine Arts, Brussels, Belgium (Sony Awards)

                     Galerie Seippel, Cologne, Germany (Sony Awards)

                     Bridge Art Fair, Miami, Usa                    

2007             Eclectica, Crane Kalman, Brighton, Uk

                     Les Rencontres Leica, Paris, France                  

2006             Small Works, Art101, Brooklyn, Usa



2009           Magenta “Flash Forward 2009”, Toronto, Canada, Winner Uk
                   B&W Magazine Spotlight Award, Usa, Winner
2008           Sony World Photography Awards, Nature Winner     
                   Gran Prix of Fotofestiwal of Lodz, Poland, Winner
                   B&W Spider Awards, Usa, Nomination


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2008 “The Animals” Introduction by Alison Nordstrom, Dewi Lewis Publishing, Uk


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2009 “Magenta Flash Forward”, Canada
2008  “Lodz FotoFestival”, Poland
2008 “Savignano FotoFest”, Italy
2008 “FotoLeggendo”, Italy


Museum Fine Arts, Houston, Usa
Portland Art Museum, Usa
The New Art Gallery Walsall, Uk
Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts, Japan



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